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Compass:   Danforth         Type:  magnetic                         Size:    8″                      Adjusted: no

AND           Simrad                         electronic


Auto pilot:                      Simrad AP 25 electric with hydraulic drive

Radar:                            48 mile by Furuno, open array, with NetNav display

Direction finders:              GPS by  Furuno NetNav, with chart plotter

GPS by Garmin 2910 C with chart plotter

Fathometers:                    Furuno with NetNav display,

Garmin with 2010 display

VHF radios:                    2 Icom  M-602 in pilothouse, connected to GPS

SSB:                              Icom 802 all band with M 130 antenna tuner

Misc.:     Sony all band  radio receiver;  WeatherFax included in Icom M-802

`                       Netnav display includes radar, depth, gps position, chart plotter

Garmin 2010 display includes depth, speed, gps position,  chart plotter

ELECTRIC      Systems for: 12 VDC , 120 VAC,   30   amp inlet,

System supply: batteries,  shore power,  1 generator and alternator

6 Lifeline 155 AH AGM  batteries for 12 volt system.  (8D) (New April 2014)

Generator:  6KVA Northern Lights Generator:  Heat exchanger,  (purchased Oct 2013, New install March 2014)

Inverters:  2 Victron Multiplus 3KVA Inverter/ chargers (New Aug 2014)

1   Puresine 12V 700W inverter for Kabola Heating System

(New Dec 2015)

Isolation transformer: Victron 115/230V 3600 automatic  (New June 2014)

Victron Battery Monitor with Shunt: (New Aug 2014)

Victron Inverter Remote Control Panel: (New Aug 2014)

Citrix Battery Combiner: (New April 2014)

Alternators:    One 60 amp. ( New March 2013)

Pumps:  Shower Sump Pumps and Strainers( New June 2013)

Fresh Water pump (New June 2013)

Vaccuflush Fwd and Aft heads replumbed and serviced (New June 2013)

Fuel Tank monitoring System :Brand-BEP ( New June 2013)

Fresh Water Tank monitoring System: Brand -BEP (New June 2013)

Refrigeration: 2 Separate DC systems for refrigeration and freezing. Brand “Cool Blue” (New Aug 2014)

Galley:  LPG Force 10 Gimballed European Compact 3 burner stove (New Nov 2013, installed Aug 2014)

LPG Dickinson Large BBQ with rail mount (New Aug 2014)

LPG  two bottle external locker with two aluminum 10 lb tanks (New Aug 2014)

LPG bilge sniffer and alarm (New Aug 2014)

Battery charger:   40 amp by   Tru Charge as isolated backup to Victron Multiplus system

System distribution: marine copper wire,

System protection: Circuit breaker  panel  for  12 vdc ;  circuit breaker panel  for  120  vac


Kabola Compact 7 Hydronic heating system(New Dec 2015) –

5 zones

23,000 BTU


master   600 AMP battery switch ;   polarity indicator (New Aug 2014)

Inline 600 AMP Fuse prior to 600 AMP battery switch (New Aug 2014)

Shore Power / Gen Switch: (New Aug 2014)

Independent Inverter On/Off Switches 350 AMP : ( New Aug 2014)

2 Inline 300 AMP Fuses (for independent inverter lines, (New Aug 2014)


Misc.:   50 ft 30 amp shore power cord ( New March 2014) ; 12 volt voltmeter / ammeter;  120 volt voltmeter / ammeter`



Splendide vented 2100XC  ( New Dec 2015)



Mainsail   made of dacron

genoa made of dacron

mizzen made of dacron

Staysail  made of  dacron

8 thoughts on “… page 3

  1. Ann Herrington and Ian Beadle says:

    Hello Soul Balladeer we are Black Molly HC44 number 16!! Welcome to the team!!

    • Hi Black Molly! It took a while to get here but very happy to be part of the HC family.I have seen Black Molly on different sites and she is beautiful. We are looking forward to having many years aboard Soul Balladeer. Keep in touch! Cheers, Shannon

  2. Kenneth Vadnais says:

    Thank you for your interesting website. I am the owner of Island Rose, another HC44PH off the line in the early days. I have been curious for some time if your boat was hull #1 or mine was, as there are many things about Island Rose that are different from the subsequent HC44PHs. For example, it does not have the walk around bunk in the back stateroom. What is the registration numaber of your vessel?
    Like you, I am putting my boat through an extensive refitt including a new engine and generator.

    • Hello Kenneth,

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but Denise and I have been in Thailand and i made a promise to myself to leave the cellphone and laptop at home. It was nice to kick back for 10 days.

      I believe that Soul Balladeer is Hull #1. The gentleman I bought her from was the original owner and received the vessel in 1980. Soul Balladeer is also on the brochure when they were marketing the boat in the early days.
      i dont have the registration number off hand but I’ll check it out and get back to you.

      My email is mcmullens92@gmail.com if you would like to keep in touch over different upgrades that you are planning. I have learned a few things about where to source rare HC items and would be happy to share.

      Fair Winds


  3. Dan says:

    Hi There,

    Where on the boat did you locate the LPG external storage locker? Is it custom built? Thanks

  4. Its a great system. The best out there IMHO. The movement of air ensures the heat is uniform throughout the cabin.

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