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Propeller:   Federal                     Blades:  3 fixed                         Size:  26” diameter, left hand, 16” pitch

Shafting:  one piece                   Material: stainless steel         Size:  2″ (New Nov 2014)

Shaft Seal: Stuffing box removed, PSS shaft seal installed (New Nov 2014)

Cutlass Bearing: New Nov 2014

Bearings:  1 in aperature


Blade ,    fiberglass   on stainless steel frame, attached to keel shoe

Rudder stock: New Packing Aug 2014


Anchors:  Primary: 75# CQR  measured 400 ft’ of 3/8 ”  BBB chain

45# CQR with reported about 250’ of 3/8” chain

Spare:       Danforth 90H in deck cleats


Anchor winch:    Nilsson 3000 electric with 2 gypsy (Motor disassembled, rebuilt, rewired, casing sandblasted, primed and repainted, June 2013)

Spars:   aluminum masts,   booms

Deck fittings: stainless steel  &  bronze

Standing rigging:   stainless steel  wire,  2 spreader set on main, 2 on mizzen

Running rigging:  low stretch rope

Furlers  :     none

Sheet and halyard winches:  2  primary by  Barient 32 self tailing  ; 2 secondary by Barient 30 self tailing

8 various smaller size  for halyards and  topping lifts

Misc.    Vangs:   none                    Preventers:  none                 Halyard latches: none

Traveler: yes                               Radar reflector: on mizzen mast

Lazy Jacks:  Yes, Main and Mizzen (new 2015)                                    Backstay adjuster:   none

2 bow roller and 1 stern roller set for anchoring


Gallons                                                                                                  Made of                 Deck fill           Deck vent

Fuel tank #1 (day tank)  (New Nov 2015)                    190 L               Aluminum                  yes                     yes

Fuel tank Aft starboard                                                 640 L               steel                         yes                     yes

Fuel tank Aft port                                                          680L                steel                         yes                     yes

Fuel tank Fwd port                                                        280 L               steel                        yes                      yes
Water tank #1-2-3-4                                                      945 L              stainless steel          yes                     yes

Holding tank:                                                                 25 L                stainless steel          yes                     yes
Misc. tank:     20 gallon stainless steel for hydraulic reservoir



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