One of the things that has been an inspiration to take the leap off the dock, so to speak, is to follow a recurring dream of being able to check out of the mainstream hustle and bustle of life for months at a time, photograph wildlife and subsequently try to paint them. Cups of coffee, serene bays, a guitar to scare away any wildlife and of course, the ultimate privilege of being able to share this with Denise, well, they just top things off nicely.

It may seem a little out there, when one considers that I recently gave away my SLR Minolta camera and I have never taken a painting lesson in my life. A midlife crisis? Some may think so but I have always believed that growing old in front of a blue screen is something that just didn’t do it for me. Yes, I guess there is merit in saying that I have taken the issue to the other extreme, however, it is very easy to overlook the fact that we spend more time plodding along our journey in life than we do at the destination , so hey, lets enjoy it!!  🙂

Denise and I are so fortunate that we live at the front door to some of the best cruising in the world- Desolation Sound. Within hours we can be surrounded by breathtaking beauty and wildlife that most only see on calendars.

Some time ago, I became fascinated with the west coast Sea Otter. I was in Telegraph Cove at the time and the sun had just gone down. Suddenly there was a big splash down by the dock. When I looked to see what all the commotion was about I saw a Sea Otter family methodically going through every boat that was moored along one section of the dock. They were searching for something and it became clear very quickly that those little critters were fishing. The older ones had a system… open the boat canvas, slip into the stern area, flip open cold chests and reap the rewards of those  unsuspecting webless wonders called humans. Finders keepers  was given a whole new meaning that night.

That night sparked an interest in Sea Otters that has grown every year since. The more reading I have done on their social system, the more I have grown to love them. So…. I’ve discussed with Denise and she is full in so we are going to spend some time in the future watching and enjoying the loveable critters. I will be devoting a section of the webpage to Sea Otters so those who are interested can learn just how incredible these guys are. The sea otter painting is by Mark Hobson, an old friend who is a renowned wildlife artist in British Columbia. If you appreciate this type of art, please visit his site at : http://markhobson.comsea otter by mark hobson

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