Bottom Paint January 2013

We knew there were blisters on the bottom when we had Soul Balladeer surveyed, however, the blisters weren’t that bad, given her age and the fiberglas techniques of the time. Nevertheless, when we hauled for the repower I decided that it was a good time to do the bottom paint and blister fix.

So ,the boys went to work, ground down the blisters and put on two coats of epoxy barrier coat. After this , there were two coats of antifouling paint applied and as slick as soap…Soul Balladeer’s bottom was beautiful once again…
DSCF6978DSCF6980aft starboardportside

2 thoughts on “Bottom Paint January 2013

  1. Bill says:

    Hello great stories great pics great pages ! I have enjoyed your site!
    I have some questions regarding the pilot house 44 ! Is it possible to coraspond via email ? Thanks for your time !

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