Life happens when making plans

Well, this is one for the books. I have spent years getting Soul Balladeer ready mechanically for some serious cruising. This year, as I have posted in the past, SB was destined for an appointment at the beauty salon. Mechanically she is basically a new boat and this cosmetic makeover would have made her a sight to behold.

Along comes a new found friend named Jim. Jim is a great fellow who loves Hans Christians as much as I do. Jim also has a love of creating music, as do I, so we naturally hit it off.

Initially I was helping Jim find a Hans Christian 44 PH through my owner contacts throughout the world when conversations between Jim and I led me to consider releasing Soul Balladeer from my clenched hands to a very deserving and capable person. Jim is that guy.

Soul Balladeer is just the lady that Jim needs in his life right now. She will be with him for exciting times in the near future as Jim navigates his business that is woven into his  other love…the ocean. I will leave Jim to expand on this as he will be taking over Soul Balladeer’s webpage in early July.

What will Denise and I be doing? Well…. once one has been bitten by the Hans Christian bug, it is difficult to pull away from the romance ( and yes, copius amounts of boat bucks), that come with ownership of these classic beauties.

So…As of July 2, 2019, Denise and I will take ownership of another Hans Christian. Her name is Ballymack and she is a HC 48T.  She has good bones, she is a pretty mistress, and is a veteran Pacific Ocean crosser.  I will be starting a new website and will post the link on Soul Balladeer’s website in early July.

We wish Jim the best with his mistress in the years to come of course.  We will be posting pictures of Soul Balladeer and Ballymack alongside at some point. In the meantime, here is a pic of Jim playing my axe on Soul Balladeer and a few teasers of Ballymack:






7 thoughts on “Life happens when making plans

  1. Congrats to both you and Jim. Ballymack is one beautiful and solid vessel, with a long history of excellent care and ownership – just as Soul Balladeer.

  2. Ballymack says:

    Thanks Brian. Both vessels will continue to be well looked after.

  3. Paul Young says:

    Wow, I’ve been following for a few years now and am a current HC 38T owner. Glad you found a nice new owner and got your self a HC48 which is a lovely little ship. Will continue reading both blogs

    • Ballymack says:

      Hi Paul, I agree, it is kind of a “wow” moment. It felt right to let SB go to Jim. He is continuing with the refit which makes me really happy. We feel privileged to be taking over ownership of Ballymack as well. Mike, the current owner of Ballymack, has maintained her to the highest standards. Its a great all around deal for everyone involved.

  4. Vic Folsom says:

    Thanks for including your followers in this journey’s transition. My husband and I saw Soul Balladeer in BC (Campbell River maybe) in 2015 while running a boat up to Alaska and have been following ever since.
    Best to both of you gentlemen as you journey further.
    Vic Folsom

    • Ballymack says:

      Hi Vic, I appreciate you following SB these past years. I remember when you first saw SB in Campbell River. She will be moving to Victoria after July 2 and Ballymack will be taking over her slip at Discovery Harbour Marina. Cheers, Shannon

  5. vgfolsom says:

    Thanks for posting this latest transition in Soul Balladeer’s and your journeys. My husband and I saw your vessel in BC…Campbell River maybe…when we running a boat out of Anacortes, WA. I immediately fell in love and have been following ever since. I am grateful that you are continuing to share the story and wish you both the very best in this next chapter.

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