Kabola System Installation


Lower Salon Port Fan unit


Kabola Boiler Installed


Side View Kabola Boiler Installed


Pilothouse Fan Unit


Pullmans berth Fan Unit


Fwd Head Fan Unit


Aft Stateroom Fan unit


Aft Stateroom Control


Pullmans Berth Control


Lower Salon Control


Pilothouse Control


Fan Control Junction Box



4 thoughts on “Kabola System Installation

  1. Steve Ramsey says:

    Wow! That’s quite an installation. We had a similar system on our 45′ Huntingford Pilothouse and, while I missed all of the storage space taken up by the units, I loved the efficient silent heat!

  2. Ian Poll says:

    Love the photo’s of your Kabola install. I’m in the process of replacing a worn out Espar D7 with a hydronic system. I planned on a Webasto 2010 but think the Kabola would be a better fit. My boats a Alden 52′ larger on the waterline then yours, but without the pilot house I think the volume is pretty similar. I’d love to hear how your systems working and what your equipment cost were? I’m moored at Elliot Bay and will be using Marine Tech as a supplier, any advise or comments on would be much appreciated. Email’s great but feel free to give me a call: 206 617-7876.



    • Hi Ian. The system is pretty incredible. We stayed onboard for two months in the dead of winter and it was cozy inside. It eats 0.2 gals/ hour which doesn’t sound like much until you have it going 24/7 and suddenly you burn through 47 gals of fuel in a week. The individual zones are nice to have. Marine Tec was great to work with. The install goes quickly but is costly too. My guy works efficiently and knows the fellas at Marine Tec . I would advise to have it installed by a capable person. I’ll give you a call to discuss.
      Cheers, Shannon

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