Kabola Heat

I have made the decision to go with the Kabola diesel boiler in order to heat Soul balladeer. I’ll be installing the boiler in the new year and as luck would have it, Kabola just came out with a new boiler called the “Compact 7”. It is 12 inches wide by 24 inches deep so it can fit in a tight spot.

This little puppy rings in at 23,800 BTU and is almost half the size of the previous model. It will be installed to run independently of the engine and will really make S/B capable of being an all season live aboard in the PNW.

2 thoughts on “Kabola Heat

  1. DeWayne Enyeart says:

    I am considering installing a Kabola Compct 7 boiler in a 34’ trawler located in Tacoma, WA. Could you provide an update to your original post? Thanks.

    • Hi. The installation was posted December 8, 2015. The system is the best on the market, without doubt. The heat is moved throughout the boat with the fans very efficiently. I did a lot of research and this system is the best out there in my humble opinion. Highly recommend it. cheers.

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