A Chance Encounter…

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I remember the first day I stumbled across a Hans Christian. I was looking at a Mason 38 to possibly purchase and met with the owner on a cold autumn evening at the base of Second Narrows bridge in North Vancouver. The year was 1991. It was damp that night, and the warmth of the Mason was inviting.

Conversations circled around living aboard, and ultimately led me to ask, “Why are you selling her, you seem very attached ?” It was then that I heard the words… “Hans Christian”.

The owner had just made an offer on a HC48T that had keel damage. He offered to take me over to see his new found love and as luck would have it, she was in the same marina.

I will always remember that first encounter….her lines were classic….a rare blend of beauty and strength…

Of course owning a Hans Christian was well beyond my chequing account.( I mention chequing because saving was a novel concept at that point). Nevertheless, her image would haunt me throughout the next 21 years.

Anyone that has spent any amount of time in the PNW has probably learned that yes, ….it rains….. it rains a lot ….and sometimes it is sunny and then….it rains a lot again…So…I’m the guy that won’t go in the water at the lake in the summer because it’s too damn cold….How would I ever be able to cope? You get wet when you sail…correct?

Then I made another life altering discovery…..The Hans Christian 44 Pilothouse. 🙂

She takes all the beauty of the HC traditional design and adds a very key element( for me)…….WARMTH.

The more I learned about the 44PH, the more I realized that she was the best of both worlds.

I began chasing the dream…again….I met with Jack Hall of HC Thailand. As luck would have it, I worked in Ban Chang which was 15 mins from the HC yard so I pestered Jack numerous times over 5 years, and saw firsthand why the Hans Christian name is coveted the world over.

Jack has dedicated himself to upholding the superb build qualities of these fine yachts.  The more I learned about the HCPH, the more I knew I would love to have one.

I’ve since introduced  Denise ,my better half, to my love of Hans Christian yachts. Denise has accepted this other woman in my life and finally, we have just recently purchased our ” Soul Balladeer”

So…..Stop by every now and then…we’ll be adding pages and comments as things unfold…

22 thoughts on “A Chance Encounter…

  1. Jerald says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Jerald

  2. Thanks for stopping in.
    Cheers, Shannon

  3. Christl Gabrielsen says:

    Love the story!!!
    Warm regards, Christl

  4. Katannya says:

    How does it get any better than this……..
    What else is possible????

  5. Shane says:

    Hi Shannon, glad you are enjoying the HC. I sent the link to Christian who bought the other HC44 pilothouse from me “Blew By You”. Can’t wait to meet you out cruising. Talk soon, Shane http://www.fairhavenyachts.com

  6. Sergio says:

    If this is a repeat forgive me. WordPress and all.

    I just discovered your site and am enjoying it. And while your engine story must have been very annoying to you and nerve wracking, it was good hear the details to try and learn from another’s experience.

    I’d love to hear more, and see more, about your boat as we are interested in finding something of the type to have a similar adventure in.

    More pics and stories please!!



  7. Joe Semon says:

    WOW! A lot of of gear on that 44, I would be hard pressed to fit half of it on my HC39 Malahini. BTW, I too called Jack Hall back in 2008-9 and threatened to take a tour of his boat yard, he said it was off the main road a bit. I was working on a ship that was frequently making port at the Navy base just south of there. Used to pass by the boat yard area on my way to Pattaya every day however I know I don’t need a new boat and certainly don’t want to fall in love with another until I have mastered the one I already own (now 15 years).
    I have some big work ahead of me, in 2010 I repowered her and made a new bowsprit from sitka spruce. The fuel tanks though are a weak point and mine are weepers.
    Will be reading through you blog, I am at sea on a ship so have time.

    • Hi Joe. Thanks for your comments. I am guessing you are referring to the base at Sattahip? I love the 44. There is a lot of room in her, that is for sure. We just had 8 people around the galley table, comfortably, a few weeks ago. Do you have a blog on Malahini? don’t go by the HC yard…you will fall in love again lol….Fair Winds,


  8. Richard Clarke says:

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the history of your dream finally achieved. I am in love with the Pilot House 44 – I am 66 and in good health – my dream is to buy a Hans Christian pilot house and travel. I live in Cape Town South Africa and have also lived and worked on Vancouver in the early 1990’s (North Shore) – I had landed immigrant status. I hope that my situation will allow me to live my dream before it is too late – I am looking at another two years prior to making the move to a boat.

    Wishing you much joy for 2018,


    • Hi Richard,

      The HCPH 44 is a beautiful piece of work for sure. I was just on Soul Balladeer the other day and was carrying out systems checks with a friend. Everytime I set foot on her I fall in love all over again. Stay in touch and let us know if you find another HCPH when you are ready. I am available to lend any thoughts on what to look for when considering a vessel like this.

      All the best for 2018

      Cheers, Shannon

  9. Nate says:

    Hi Shannon- we’ve got our HC 44 officially as of today. We have hull #12. She needs some love. Question, are you happy with painting over the wood? Seriously thinking about it too.

    • Hi Nate- Congratulations! Is that formally known as Wandrin Star? We haven’t painted over any of our teak. Not sure what you are referring to there?

      • Nate says:

        From your pictures it looks like your outer would have been painted blue instead of the original varnish. I may have been mistaken. Ours is the Miasis Dragon II.

  10. Hi. That is our blue canvas which covers our teak.

  11. thweattptaolcom says:

    I have a hc44 ph, that needs some TLC , where is Soul B now? Jim

  12. Harley Soltes says:

    I am interested in talking to you about your Kabola heater and how it has been working

    • Ballymack says:

      Hi Harley, I’m the previous owner of Soulballadeer. I installed the Kabola on her. The Kabola is the best unit out there in my opinion. It is quiet and designed to actually heat 24/7. We lived aboard for 2 months a few years back in the winter (PNW)while we were building our place and she performed flawlessly. I installed 4 zones which actually is important depending on the layout of your boat for a few reasons: 1. You can heat more where you tend to be and 2. Save fuel by keeping other non use areas cooler. Living aboard in the winter is going to consume 40-42 gallons per week if you have the unit going/ monitoring 24/7. You would have to plan to jerry can fuel if you dont want to go to the fuel dock or dont have the luxury of transferring between tanks. I’m thinking of installing a compact 7 on Ballymack, my 48T. At the moment it has a webasto hydronic system installed which really is not at the same level as the Compact 7. Cheers, Shannon

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